The love of adventure, the love of the journey, the love of the experience: these were the things that drove the vision of Roam, while the spirit of that love is what guided the development of this symbol.


Concise. This was a client that knew exactly what she wanted, but trusted our creative vision to ignite her idea. The meeting was short, the information deliberate and the objective clear. This logo would represent movement. It would represent a movement. It would represent adventure and the sense of wander through travel. It would represent an idea of experiences to make you fall in love with a country. The symbol would be a landscape of an idea, embedded into every experience created by the company.






Logo Design


An adventure is a difficult thing to summarise. It takes twists and turns, it goes through tunnels, it crosses paths and it climbs mountains. That is the concept of the symbol through unique typography that creates the word mark. 

Development & Design


Neon Sky


Midnight Blue


Afternoon Hue


Final Product

The adventure revealed