The launch of their Cocoa Bitters product


A new product is always exciting, but even more so a product from a company with a legacy like Angostura. Starting in 1824 with aromatic bitters, the brand has evolved over the past two centuries to become a household name the world over.

Approaching Brian Mac Farlane in 2020 to launch their new vision of Cocoa Bitters, Mac Farlane reached out to Ciinq to develop the visuals for the launch event and grocery display units.

Already armed with their brand identity, colours and typography, the project was to take those elements and imagine them into a physical display to be used firstly at the launch event, and secondly, in groceries across the Caribbean. 


Angostura Cocoa Bitters Launch


Angostura via Mac Farlane’s Design Studios


Product display design, Launch event display designs


Starting with sketches, then 3D modeling, texturing and lighting of the designs, we collaborated to create what Mac Farlane deemed a ‘mystical forest experience’ for guests entering Angostura House for the launch event.

Concept Images

Event Images