For me, the truly fascinating thing about design is the chance to explore the lives of the people I work with. How do we use design to tackle and solve challenges across industries? How do we achieve change through the sharing of a message? Process explores these narratives through conversations, shared with you here.

Keon Paul

In the sleepy coastal town of Mayaro, life goes by as easily as the that ocean that borders it. For one resident, that’s no reason for a less than world-class business approach. From overcoming kidney failure to his commitment to a brilliant online vision for his beloved Mayaro, Keon Paul explains his #Process.
View Keon’s business here: www.mayarojunction.com

Hadassah Gordon

How much of our future technology is a reiteration of habits that were formed centuries ago? How much of what we do today leaves us in a place where we sometimes forget to just stop and take a deep breath?. “Where are we rushing to go?” questions Hadassah Gordon as she explains her #Process.

Jonetta Charles

Marketing is one of the largest and most saturated industries in the world. Voices are often tangled in a sea of noise and disingenuous intentions. But once in a while, one voice comes along from a place of sincerity and empathy. From finding her resilience at 14, to learning how to use her voice to empower change, Jonetta Charles explains her #Process.