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Login to your dashboard to view your information, contract, brief and meeting notes. Any other important information will be stored here as well. Larger project files will be sent via FTP.

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The Development Process


Project Brief

Development of a detailed brief based on our initial discovery session.


Payment of the initial 50%.


A study of your industry and information to guide the project.

Draft Concepts

The core concept will be developed, utilising stylesheets that inform the intended visual aesthetic.

Initial Presentation

The drafts and stylesheets are presented to you.


You let us know what you're happy with and what you're not happy with.

Implementation of Feedback

We take your feedback and apply the necessary updates to the project. There is a limit of three revisions at this point. If you require more revisions, then we need to go back to the research and draft stages to adjust the information and scope of the project.

Final Presentation

The final polished product is presented to you.

Final Payment

Payment of the outstanding 50%.

File Delivery

Your project files will then be delivered via online transfer.

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What format do I get my files?

After you complete payment, the project files are all yours. These files would include PowerPoint, Keynote, Illustrator, Photoshop or Word formats. You are free to do with them what you wish.

How much time do I have to download my files?

In most cases, we transfer files using an FTP service called WeTransfer. Files shared this way have to be downloaded within seven days before being deleted from WeTransfer’s servers. We also keep client project files for up to one year before deleting.

What's a stylesheet?

This is a collection of images and inspiration gathered from as many places as we can find. This helps us to communicate the intended aesthetic and ensures that we’re all on the same page as we develop the look of your project.

What happens if I need more than three revisions?

After the third revision, we will begin billing per revision. If you require more than three revisions, it means that the initial information gathered through our communication with you and our independent research is flawed. To keep the project efficient, on time and on budget requires that we maintain a firm grasp of what is required of us. Only when the information is solidified will we proceed to further alter the creative.

How often do I get updates on my project?

We provide a quick email update at the end of each working day that summarises how your project is coming along.