Some content works, some doesn’t. Try creating content that fits into one or more of these categories and you’re sure to get great engagement.


As humans we are built to be curious. We want to explore, we want to know what’s out there. Glimpses of new worlds fill us with intrigue and take us to a different place for a brief moment. That modicum of an experience through our eyes makes us wish we were there too, or brings back memories of a time when visited for ourselves. Falling into this category are travel, space exploration, deep sea exploration and even accounts that explore our immediate environments through a different lens.



We want to be fascinated and amazed. Looking at giant aircraft or succulent meals, we wonder ‘how did they do that?’ Wonder can be amplified when we either know nothing about a topic or when we know a lot about it. The focus changes between the two. When we know nothing, our awe is that they’re able to achieve this in the first place. When we know a lot, our awe is in how they achieve it, possibly comparing our own methods to theirs. In this category are science and engineering, cooking, architecture, documentaries, culture, music, art, performance.



Sex sells. Humans are visually stimulated. Men more so than women, but both sexes will quickly double tap on an image of someone they find attractive. Women who show off appealing bodies usually have quite the follower count.



This is the kind of content that is actually good for the world. While there is a lot of spam from ‘motivational’ accounts, there are truly some gems out there. 60 second documentaries, Prince Ea are examples of content that genuinely uplifts and guides you on how to be a better human. Outside of motivation and self help, learning accounts cover a variety of topics. From how to decorate cakes to how to illustrate characters to how to play the guitar, we value content that makes us better.



Usually linked to some form of customer service, accounts that provide utility are very useful to users. Whether it be that we can complain about a bad experience, compliment staff on a great experience, find out store opening times or make dinner reservations, it can all be done through social media. This responsiveness and utility sets companies apart, giving a human touch to otherwise automated functions.



Remember the world famous egg? Some accounts get engagement simply because it’s the in-thing to do. While this rarely lasts, it does illustrate how fickle people are on the internet.

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